The easiest way to maintain body immunity amid the CORONA Virus

Muh Yusuf
2 min readJun 29, 2021

Maintaining Body Immunity amid the CORONA Virus — Covid 19 or more familiarly called the CORONA Virus is a type of virus that attacks the human respiratory system, the CORONA Virus causes mild respiratory problems and severe lung infections.

In the midst of this pandemic, the government enforces regulations so that everyone stays at home and does not do outside activities such as gathering and so on.

In the midst of the applicable regulations, of course, we hope to prevent the spread of this corona virus, but staying at home is not the only way to minimize the spread of the corona virus because this virus will greatly affect people who have low or weak immunity.

And this time we will tell you what to do to maintain our body’s immunity.

1. Maintain body immunity by drinking water regularly

The human body is very vulnerable to various types of diseases, if the immune system decreases, lack of fluids also greatly impacts our immune decline, so to maintain body immunity in the midst of a pandemic, it is highly recommended for you to consume at least 5 liters of water per day.

2. Maintain body immunity by exercising regularly

Although it is highly recommended to use a mask and maintain a distance, it is not necessarily able to prevent the spread of the CORONA virus, so sufficient exercise is needed so that the immune system is maintained.

3. Maintain body immunity by reducing staying up late and getting enough sleep

Irregular sleep and staying up late can also lower our immunity and make it easier for us to be attacked by the CORONA virus.

4. Maintain body immunity by consuming foods that contain lots of vitamin C

Vitamin C is also very useful for increasing our immunity, eating foods that contain lots of them such as geruk, papaya, lychee, strawberry and so on.

5. Maintain body immunity by thinking positively

The role of a positive mindset on health is very supportive of minimizing the spread of the CORONA virus, positive thinking in this case is that we must not burden our minds on our fear of the CORONA virus.

6. Maintain body immunity by being diligent in worshiping

Diligent worship and prayer can also help us in many ways including avoiding the CORONA virus.

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